What is "cheap art"?

Paperhand Puppet Intervention is composed of artists and volunteers who share their energy, creativity, sweat, smarts, strength, and support. Community is the lifeblood of Paperhand; it makes our creations, our performances and Paperhand Puppet Intervention’s existence possible.
An important fixture of the annual Paperhand show is the Cheap Art Table. Our cheap art philosophy is born out of Bread and Puppet’s call for accessible art. “Art is Not Business! Art Is Food! Art Soothes Pain! Art Wakes Up Sleepers! Art Is Cheap! Hurrah!”

These last few years have been a little different, but our rallying cry remains the same. Art is for everyone. Art without accessibility is tyrannical.
To learn more about the cheap art philosophy, check out Bread and Puppet’s resources here:
cheap art resources